Mud Logging Services

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Diversified Well Logging LLC offers mud logging solutions to fit your company’s needs. All systems offer Formation Evaluation, Drilling Optimization, Web-Based Real-Time Data Transmission and Early Kick Detection. Enhanced systems offer more in-depth options, including systems for deep water and high pressure, high temperature areas. We provide secure and customized real-time data communication, in-house research and development, and 24/7 on-call support for our equipment and our engineers. Whether you have a 10-day job or 110-day job, Diversified provides the specialized solutions and attention you require.

Real-Time Data and Sophisticated Reporting
Diversified reports provide the real-time data you need. Reports include Show/Zone Interval, Drilling Data, Gas Percentages, Sample Fluorescence, Show Rating, Lithology and include contact information for your Logging Engineer. View Real Time Images.

DWL Basic Mud Logging System
Diversified’s DAS-Basic Mud Logging System includes the conventional logging services plus real-time basic mud logging data acquisition and display system. View Basic System Details.

DWL Standard Mud Logging System
Diversified’s DAS-Standard Mud Logging System includes the services offered in the Basic System plus: remote monitoring, standpipe pressure, pit volume and flow in and out measurements. View Standard System Details.

DWL Enhanced Mud Logging System
Diversified’s DAS-Enhanced Mud Logging System includes the services offered in the Standard System plus temperature in and out, casing pressure, and trip tank measurements. This system also includes additional remote monitor and Pits. View Enhanced System Details.

DWL One-Man Logging System
Diversified’s One-Man Logging System provides a logging engineer on duty 12 hours/day while the rig is drilling and during all critical zones. View One-Man System Details.

DWL Unmanned Logging System
Diversified’s Unmanned Logging System is used to monitor and record total gas and ROP (Rate of Penetration) only. View Unmanned System details.