Gas and Cutting Sample Technology

Advanced Gas System
Diversified Well Logging's Advanced Gas System includes:
Baseline 8800A Flame Ionization for Total Gas
Baseline 8900 Flame Ionization for Chromatography
QGM Gas Trap

Standard Gas System
Diversified Well Logging's Standard Gas System includes:
Hot Wire and TC Total Gas System
Hot Wire Automatic Chromatograph
Standard Gas Trap

FIT Mini Mass Spec Profiling - DQ1000
This technology offers real time formation fluid analysis and evaluation. The DQ1000 continuously analyzes gases extracted from drilling mud and correlates them with depth of well. It is a quadruple mass analyzer that detects C1-C13 hydrocarbons (i.e. – hexane, heptanes, octane, etc.) and distinguishes among paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics. Read more about FIT Mini Mass Spec Profiling technology.

Additional Gas Technology
H2S Gas Detection
CO2 Gas Detection
Gas Referencing (TM)

Cutting Sample Technology
Digital Microscope Photography
Drill Cutting Sampler